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Thank you to our fantastic members who joined us at our Annual Member Meeting. We look forward to continue working to keeping our members connected, protected and respected.

In the words of MPEC President Jerry Smith: "Together we are empowered, together we win!"

View photos from the meeting here.


Poor indoor air quality is a major issue in state-owned and lease buildings. Because there is currently no standard for indoor air quality in MD, MPEC is unable to hold the state accountable for the issues members are suffering due to poor conditions in their work buildings.


MPEC is working to change that. We're starting with documenting the problem.

Interested in joing the Indoor Air Quality committee? Sign up here.

Find out more about how MPEC is working to create an indoor air quality standard here: iaq_pp_4.27.17_training.pptx


The 2017 Maryland Legislative session has ended and the Governor’s budget did not include a COLA or funding for step increments. Still, the legislature did move forward on some bills that benefit state employees

  • Leap Year Personal Leave (HB 324/SB580) will provide an additional personal leave day during a leap year.  State employees should not be forced to take a pay cut during a leap year.  
  • Payroll Recovery (HB 1144) passed.  Under this legislation, those harmed in the “Workday” rollout after March of 2016 will have the month of July 2017 to file a grievance for lost wages. Going forward

MPEC members made their voices heard during this legislative session.  Over 50 MPEC and AFT Healthcare members participated in three lobby nights during the 2017 legislative session. Members spoke with legislators about important topics to state employees, including investing in Maryland and valuing state employees, improving indoor air quality and working conditions for state employees.  Still, the Governor did not include raises for state employees in this year's budget. 


The Maryland Senate passed SB540, creating a study of alternatives to the current defined benefit pension system.  Any alternative that drains resources from the pension system will be harmful for the state’s economy, taxpayers and state employees.  Your delegates need to hear from you that these priorities just don’t add up.  

A bill that will positively impact state employees is the Payroll Recovery Act (SB1031).  The House version of this bill passed the House of Delegates last night and is currently being heard in the Senate. 

MPEC members lobbied state legislators on this issue on Monday


MPEC and AFT Healthcare-Maryland gathered in Annapolis to once again call on the General Assembly and remind Governor Hogan to #InvestinMD. Members, staff, and leadership met with delegates and senators of the General Assembly to ensure they remember all of the indispensable services state employees provide for Marylanders.

While it is important that air quality be held to a safe and healthy standard, MPEC and AFT Healthcare-Maryland members reminded legislators that #SomeCutsDontHeal. Cuts to state employees amount to a cut in the high quality state service that Marylanders deserve. The unions