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Dear Member;

Your voices were heard LOUD and CLEAR.

Our bargaining team negotiated a fair and equitable raise in the next fiscal year. That means, come January 1, 2019, members of Bargaining Unit G will receive a 2% raise.  If revenues beat projections in 2018, you will also receive an additional half-percent raise and a $500 bonus.

Concrete, guaranteed 2% raise next year.

What’s more, we negotiated two additional health care premium holidays in March of 2018, this is on top of the two premium holidays employees currently receive. That means more money in your pocket.  More importantly, employer


“A fair and equitable wage means to me that I will be able to afford adequate childcare for my 3-month-old son. It will mean that I can count on my pay to be able to provide all of the necessities needed to take care of my family. It will help me to focus more on my work than worrying whether I will be able to pay the bills this month.”



Dear Member,

Yesterday we met with the State’s negotiators to try to make progress on the issue of wages.

We told the State that we are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet, that we are all members of the team that provides the essential services the citizens of Maryland deserve. We let the State know that we contribute to our communities, that we have been taking the hits because we are dedicated! We also emphasized that we are always the first ones that must give up something and as a result, we’re being left far behind, financially. 

We provided the State with a package that proposed a 2%

Trick or treat? That’s the question on the bargaining table this week. 
Trick: The State’s proposal is a scheme that is contingent on general fund revenues dramatically outstripping estimates. This is  so uncertain that the criteria for a raise would have been met in just 3 of the last six years—we might as well flip a coin for a raise if the State has its way.
Treat: The bargaining team has proposed a fair and equitable wage increase for members—a 3.5 percent across the board raise. 
We’ve been knocking at the door, but the lights are off at Governor Hogan’s, and it’s unclear if anyone is
“So I won't have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.”
“Not needing to have a second job.”
“Being able to maintain my standard of living.”
Dear MPEC Member, 
Last week I asked you to share what a “fair and equitable wage increase” means to you, and you responded. You told me you wanted to hold onto what you had, be able to save a little bit for your future, and feel valued in your work, in service to the people of Maryland. 
One member wrote: 
A fair and equitable wage increase means that I won't have to worry if my paycheck will cover my expenses that month (mortgage, car payment, student loan

Bargaining Update

Dear Member,

Yesterday was our first chance to begin presenting the State with the economic improvements that you deserve. In the last 16 years, members have received COLAs just seven times, and Step increases only eight times. State budget spending has increased, but each year, employees account for a smaller line item in the budget. 
The negotiating team is working for a FAIR AND EQUITABLE WAGE INCREASE
The State’s proposal for the fiscal year 2019 is Zero!

To some members, a fair and equitable wage increase will mean; 

·     Feeling valued at work. 

·     Being able to plan