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On February 14, 2018, MPEC President Jerry Smith and the MPEC Bargaining team attended a ceremonial signing ceremony in the Governor's office.See Photos


Call to Action!  Are you up to P.A.R.?  Purpose *Action * Results

The Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) is proud to announce its official Steward Leadership Training Program. (SLTP).  MPEC is currently recruiting worksite leaders to serve as Agency and Floor Stewards.  The SLTP has been developed and designed to prepare and sustain a pool of empowered and well-informed leaders committed to protecting professionals' rights. 

Criteria for Steward Leadership

Must be a permanent employee

No substantiated disciplinary actions for misconduct or poor work performance

Meets Standards or


This morning ballots were counted for our Tentative Agreement.  The  2018 - 2020 contract for the Maryland Professional Employees Council was ratified with an 88% vote.  The vote count was 479 in support of the contract and 63 rejecting the contract.  The three witnesses to the vote count were President Jerry Smith, Chief Steward Ronnie Myers and Al Dyer.  The count was completed by AFT National Staff Jennifer Porcari and Destiny Turnboe. 


Dear Member;

Your voices were heard LOUD and CLEAR.

Our bargaining team negotiated a fair and equitable raise in the next fiscal year. That means, come January 1, 2019, members of Bargaining Unit G will receive a 2% raise.  If revenues beat projections in 2018, you will also receive an additional half-percent raise and a $500 bonus.

Concrete, guaranteed 2% raise next year.

What’s more, we negotiated two additional health care premium holidays in March of 2018, this is on top of the two premium holidays employees currently receive. That means more money in your pocket.  More importantly, employer


“A fair and equitable wage means to me that I will be able to afford adequate childcare for my 3-month-old son. It will mean that I can count on my pay to be able to provide all of the necessities needed to take care of my family. It will help me to focus more on my work than worrying whether I will be able to pay the bills this month.”



Dear Member,

Yesterday we met with the State’s negotiators to try to make progress on the issue of wages.

We told the State that we are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet, that we are all members of the team that provides the essential services the citizens of Maryland deserve. We let the State know that we contribute to our communities, that we have been taking the hits because we are dedicated! We also emphasized that we are always the first ones that must give up something and as a result, we’re being left far behind, financially. 

We provided the State with a package that proposed a 2%