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Below find tips and common questions to help prep for your PEP. 

How to Prepare for a PEP

  • If the employee does not have an updated copy of their MS-22, contact the Department’s personnel office to get a copy of it.  Read through the MS-22 prior to the beginning of cycle PEP meeting and determine if it accurately reflects duties.  Ask the supervisor to change the MS-22, if it is not correct.
  • The employee should document outstanding work they have performed throughout the evaluation period.  Be prepared to cite examples during the PEP.
  • It is in the employee’s best interest to complete the PEP form

Familiarize yourself with DBM's PEP guidelines and instructions

Download here: pepguidelines2010.pdf


Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Evaluation Programs (PEPs):

1.     What is the purpose of PEPs?

A: To facilitate communication between employees and supervisors regardinng expectations and job performance. 

2.     What if my supervisor doesn’t give evaluations?

A: The PEP process requires employees and their supervisors to meet at least twice a year.  Employees shall receive written performance evaluations at six (6) month intervals based on their entry-on-duty date (EOD). There will be a mid-cycle and an end-of-cycle evaluation that includes a numerical performance rating.

3.     How