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Performance Evaluation Programs (PEP) FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Evaluation Programs (PEPs):

1.     What is the purpose of PEPs?

A: To facilitate communication between employees and supervisors regardinng expectations and job performance. 

2.     What if my supervisor doesn’t give evaluations?

A: The PEP process requires employees and their supervisors to meet at least twice a year.  Employees shall receive written performance evaluations at six (6) month intervals based on their entry-on-duty date (EOD). There will be a mid-cycle and an end-of-cycle evaluation that includes a numerical performance rating.

3.     How does an employee get “outstanding” evaluation?

A: An employee should meet with supervisor to better understand his/her expectations.

4.     If management decides to change the job duties in my MS22, do they have to consult the employee?

A: ARTICLE 15. JOB DESCRIPTIONS, Section 1. Job Descriptions states “All employees shall be provided an accurate copy of their job description. When job descriptions are changed, employees shall be furnished a copy and have an opportunity to discuss any changes with their Supervisor. Terms such as “other duties as assigned” shall mean job related duties relevant to carrying out the mission of the agency for which the employee works.”

Employees can be assigned duties below their classification.  If an employee has problems with changes to the MS22 and cannot work them out amicably with management, address them immediately.  Do not wait until you get an unsatisfactory PEP to bring up issues with your MS22.

5.     What is the best way to write observable, measurable, and objective behavioral standards, and performance and improvement goals for the year?

A: Write clear goals by following this formula: Action + Object of the action + Measurement Method Use as many measurement methods (quality, quantity, cost, time lines) as possible. 

Download the above information here: pep_frequently_asked_questions.docx

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