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Maryland employees earn an average of 20% less than their counterparts in similar county and city positions!
Wage  stagnation  contributes  to:
  • Under-Staffing
  • Stress
  • Low Morale
  • Low Performance
  • High Turn-Over
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When we fight… we win! That was the battle cry at the 2018 Maryland Professional Employees Council annual member meeting. The meeting addressed the Supreme Court’s Janus decision but also focused on upcoming battles the union would be undertaking. Staff and members received thorough overviews from Royale Simms about the state of contracts and the give and take of previous negotiations with the state. Simms also spoke about many of the day-to-day challenges members of the bargaining unit experience. Members appreciated the thorough and candid conversation in Simms report.

Interim Director Jacque


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In life there will be highs and lows. The Supreme Court's decision to side with millionaires and billionaires and silence the voice of public sector workers is one of those lows. Despite that, the Maryland Professional Employees Council will remain dedicated to improving quality of life for our members and the citizens of Maryland we serve. We are committed to doing well by doing good. We remain faithful to our



Attention Union Members! Right now, your political affiliation does not matter! It's your AFT-MPEC membership that matters! Anti-worker billionaires are spending millions to silence workers' collective voices in the workplace and at the negotiations table.

Any day, the Supreme Court could issue a decision that will hurt working people and potentially weaken workers right to collective bargaining.  Click here to read MORE, or watch the video below.


Attention MPEC Members: Below is MPEC Election information and a list of candidates and offices for which they are seeking your vote. Information about Voter Eligibility, the official Election Notice, policies and procedures are included in the following documents. Click the images or links below to enlarge.

Click here for 2018 Official Candidates List.

Click here for Additional Important Election Information.


Maryland Professional Employees Council Election of Officers and Delegates to Convention

In accordance with the Constitution and By Laws of the Maryland Professional Employees Council, (MPEC), AFT-Maryland, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), AFL-CIO, attached is the Nominations Form for the election of Executive Officers  and the Convention Delegates to the AFT Convention, the AFT-Maryland Convention and the Maryland State AFL-CIO Convention.

As provided in the by laws of Local 6197, any full member of MPEC, who has been in good standing for at least six months prior to the date of the