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“So I won't have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.”
“Not needing to have a second job.”
“Being able to maintain my standard of living.”
Dear MPEC Member, 
Last week I asked you to share what a “fair and equitable wage increase” means to you, and you responded. You told me you wanted to hold onto what you had, be able to save a little bit for your future, and feel valued in your work, in service to the people of Maryland. 
One member wrote: 
A fair and equitable wage increase means that I won't have to worry if my paycheck will cover my expenses that month (mortgage, car payment, student loan

Bargaining Update

Dear Member,

Yesterday was our first chance to begin presenting the State with the economic improvements that you deserve. In the last 16 years, members have received COLAs just seven times, and Step increases only eight times. State budget spending has increased, but each year, employees account for a smaller line item in the budget. 
The negotiating team is working for a FAIR AND EQUITABLE WAGE INCREASE
The State’s proposal for the fiscal year 2019 is Zero!

To some members, a fair and equitable wage increase will mean; 

·     Feeling valued at work. 

·     Being able to plan

Dear MPEC Member, 
Contract negotiations with the State continued earlier today. After making some progress last week with improving the Workplace Bullying Policy, the State offered a counterproposal that doesn’t go as far as members deserve. We continue to fight for a policy that protects you from bullying. 
Our negotiating team presented our common sense proposals on the Performance Evaluation Program (PEP): 

Members deserve to be evaluated by knowledgeable supervisors, who are cooperative and provide sufficient notification before a PEP review meeting. Supervisors should be required to

Bargaining Update

Dear MPEC Member,

We are pleased with the quick action and progress on strengthening the State's Workplace Bullying Policy. After presenting deficiencies in the policy to the State's contract negotiation's team, the State issued directives to all state HR Directors that require an immediate response to bullying allegations. Additionally, we pressed the State to require MDOT to implement the policy immediately, and they complied. 

While we've made good progress on the issue of workplace bullying, the State’s overall proposals are a clear attack on your right to participate in


On Friday, June 23, MPEC members stood up at the Rally for Respect against Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation's (SDAT) illegal sick leave policy. We will not stand idle while sick leave, and thus families, are attacked.


"There is nothing in the policy to negotiate. The Maryland Professional Employees Council is here to protect the rights of employees. The sick leave policy implemented by the Department of Assessments and Taxation demonstrates the agency’s fundamental misunderstanding and misapplication of both state and federal law, and demonstrates a