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We are more than numbers on a spreadsheet

Dear Member,

Yesterday we met with the State’s negotiators to try to make progress on the issue of wages.

We told the State that we are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet, that we are all members of the team that provides the essential services the citizens of Maryland deserve. We let the State know that we contribute to our communities, that we have been taking the hits because we are dedicated! We also emphasized that we are always the first ones that must give up something and as a result, we’re being left far behind, financially. 

We provided the State with a package that proposed a 2% COLA and a $500 bonus for you in the fiscal year 2019. As I’ve said previously, the negotiation’s team is making sure the State hears your voice at the table and how important an across the board increase is to every member of our bargaining unit. 

A fair and equitable wage increase is what you need and deserve.

Remember, the State proposed a 1.5% increase with a $500 bonus—IF AND ONLY IF—revenues beat estimates in two years, something that’s only happened fifty-percent of the time in the last few years. 

Yesterday we left the table feeling like we are not that far apart in our proposals, but the State needs to understand the urgency of a guaranteed, fair and equitable pay increase. This is the third consecutive year the State has refused to provide a COLA. Only once in the last three years have they funded a step. That’s not acceptable.


We have settled with the State on a neutral fact-finder, who will hear our case for why you deserve a fair and equitable wage increase.

Again, this is uncharted territory, but we expect the fact-finder to take evidence, hear testimony and establish facts in the next few weeks.

But make no mistake, your bargaining team is still pushing the State to move on the important issue of wages.Our next bargaining session with the state Wednesday, November 8th



As always, wear your blue on Wednesdays to show solidarity. Make your voice heard. Together we can make a difference. 

Tell me what a fair and equitable wage increase means to you here.

Click here to view upcoming events. If your agency isn’t listed Click here to contact MPEC HQ to help with setting up meetings at your agency.

Thank you for all you do.

In Solidarity,

Jerry Smith, President, Maryland Professional Employee Council



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