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The Push Continues

Dear MPEC Member, 
Contract negotiations with the State continued earlier today. After making some progress last week with improving the Workplace Bullying Policy, the State offered a counterproposal that doesn’t go as far as members deserve. We continue to fight for a policy that protects you from bullying. 
Our negotiating team presented our common sense proposals on the Performance Evaluation Program (PEP): 

Members deserve to be evaluated by knowledgeable supervisors, who are cooperative and provide sufficient notification before a PEP review meeting. Supervisors should be required to attend PEP training every year, provide preliminary PEP evaluations to members at least five days before a PEP review, and they should be required to justify with adequate documentation any “unsatisfactory” rating. Employees shouldn’t be blindsided by an unscheduled evaluation.
The State acknowledged that the PEP program is not working as intended and that the supervisory training is deficient. However, they were flabbergasted that supervisors did not provide timely, informative feedback already. We will continue to push to ensure that the fragmented  state policies on the PEP process are brought together and improved in our MOU.  
Next Wednesday, October 11th, we will begin bargaining economics. This will be the first chance for the State to demonstrate how they value the work of state employees and address state employee wage stagnation. The State must acknowledge the staffing crisis and how flat wages contribute to recruitment and retention. 
•    Employees haven’t had a COLA in 7 of the last 16 years. 
•    Employees haven’t received Step increases in 8 of the previous 16 years. 
It's payback time! It’s time for the State to get with the program. Are stagnate wages negatively impacting you? Tell your story! Email:
We can’t achieve our goals without the help of every member. Talk to Unit [G/E] members about the contract negotiations and the importance of every member playing a role. Encourage your colleagues to join the Union, wear blue on Wednesday, and be engaged. Together we can win! 
Click here to view upcoming events. If your agency isn’t listed, click here to contact MPEC HQ to help with setting up meetings at your work location.
In Solidarity, 

Jerry Smith

President, Maryland Professional Employee Council


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