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Progress and Pushback

Bargaining Update

Dear MPEC Member,

We are pleased with the quick action and progress on strengthening the State's Workplace Bullying Policy. After presenting deficiencies in the policy to the State's contract negotiation's team, the State issued directives to all state HR Directors that require an immediate response to bullying allegations. Additionally, we pressed the State to require MDOT to implement the policy immediately, and they complied. 

While we've made good progress on the issue of workplace bullying, the State’s overall proposals are a clear attack on your right to participate in union activities. As members of our Union increase activity in workplaces, management is pushing back by attempting to limit the Union’s ability to provide vital information to members. We won't stand for it and have conducted a training program to inform members of their rights regarding the Performance Evaluation Program and the Anti Workplace Bullying Policy. Knowledge is power, and members are empowered through efforts to inform. The State’s proposals are an acknowledgment that the efforts to empower employees are working. We continue our work to protect member rights through the collective bargaining process as we move forward.  


There are still non-economic proposals to negotiate. We have substantive proposals to improve members working conditions, including the air you breathe; ensuring communication for members and training for supervisors by reviving the original intent of the PEP process; and you should not be forced to train a new employee who is coming in at a higher pay rate—but if you do, you should be paid the same rate!

Our next negotiation meeting is Friday, October 6th. We'll be continuing efforts to improve working conditions. Remember to wear your MPEC t-shirt, lanyard, or blue as a show of unity and solidarity. Take pictures and post to our Facebook page

On Wednesday, October 11th, MPEC will be presenting its economic proposals to the state. You set the priorities: We will fight for COLAs, Steps, and holding down health benefits cost, but together we can win! 


Talk to a Unit G Member about contract negotiations and the importance of every member doing their part. Don't make or accept excuses. Encourage someone to join, wear the t-shirt, and get engaged.

Click here to view events. If you don’t see your agency, click here to contact MPEC HQ to assist with setting up meetings at your agency.

In Solidarity

Jerry Smith

President, Maryland Professional Employee Council

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