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The VSP offered today by Department of Budget and Management benefits neither the employee nor the State. (Sun: "State workers offered $15k in voluntary separation program")  It is instead a reward for political appointees who will be leaving State government.

The Unions, MPEC and AFT Healthcare-MD, offered a true early retirement proposal during negotiations conducted over the last three weeks and rather than continue to explore the possibilities of the proposal, DBM through its Executive Director imposed a voluntary separation proposal that treats an employee with two years service nearly the


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It's one thing to work to get officials elected; it's another to lobby them for action. In an effort to lobby their elected representatives, AFT-Maryland took to Annapolis on February 9th to let State Delegates and Senators know just how they felt about a number of issues.


Maria Mathias, President of MPEC and Executive Director Michael McNally met February 4th with Governor Hogan’s representative Cindy Kollner, Executive Director of Department of Budget and Management to begin negotiations over proposals that would help the Governor balance the budget and still honor the agreements in the existing MOU executed between the Union and the O’Malley administration before they left office.

President Mathias made it clear that MPEC members are expecting Governor Hogan to do the honorable thing and fully fund and implement the economic provisions in the collective


Are state workers not Maryland families? Governor Hogan said Maryland families have been tightening their belts, but his new budget makes state workers tighten them even more. ​Under the Governor's budget, well deserved and long overdue Cost of Living increases will be taken back by the State.

Maryland public employees and their families are the very families that Governor Hogan said he ran to help. We can be heard. Join AFT-Maryland Monday February 9, 2015 for Lobby Night in Annapolis. This is an opportunity to discuss Governor Hogan's budget with you state representatives.

February 9, 2015


Prior to the inauguration of Governor Hogan, MPEC and AFT Healthcare-MD sent letters of congratulations to then Governor-elect Larry Hogan and asked that he meet with the two Unions to discuss working together in a collaborative process to meet the interests of the employees they represent while at the same time meeting the interests of his administration when they are able to, without making it more difficult for the employees to provide excellent services to the public.

Since that time, the Hogan administration has reached out to the two Unions and requested a meeting within the next week or


We are notifying members of Units E and G that the tentative agreement between MPEC, AFT Healthcare-MD, and the State of Maryland has been ratified. Unit G (MPEC) ratified by a 92% vote; Unit E (AFT Healthcare-Maryland) ratified the agreement by a 96% vote.

Governor O'Malley, President Mathais (MPEC), and President Perry (Healthcare) have all signed the three-year agreement, which runs from JANUARY 1, 2015 to DECEMBER 31, 2017.

The entire tentative agreement may be downloaded from our web site (Click here.):

If you have any questions, please contact Mike McNally, Executive


Members of our locals celebrate the holidays in many ways. On Friday, December 5th, members of the City Union of Baltimore gathered for their annual holiday party and program at the IBEW Local 24 Union Hall in Baltimore.

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Maryland Professional Employees Council, AFT, AFL-CIO Local #6197 and the State of Maryland have concluded negotiations for a three year (2015-2017) successor agreement to the 2014-2015 MOU. We believe the tentative agreement provides economic security for our members during this very uncertain time of budget deficits and a new administration moving into the Governor's office in Annapolis.

The Union has sent a letter to the Hogan Administration expressing our interest in meeting with his team early in his administration to assure them that we have every intention of working with their team in a


AFT is joining with the National Action Network for their Justice for All March #justice4all. Saturday, Dec. 13th, 2014. AFT-Maryland will be providing BUS TRANSPORTATION FROM BALTIMORE. See below for details.

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Thanks to everyone who completed the MPEC collective bargaining survey for Bargaining Unit G members. We incorporated the items you indicated as important in our plans. The current collective bargaining agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will expire on June 30, 2015. Monetary issues for 2016 and beyond must be negotiated prior to January 1, 2015 in order to be included in the Governor's budget for fiscal year 2016.

MPEC submitted its negotiations proposals in September and asked for dates to begin negotiations at the first available opportunity. The Secretary of State and Department