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Meeting with the Governor's office

Prior to the inauguration of Governor Hogan, MPEC and AFT Healthcare-MD sent letters of congratulations to then Governor-elect Larry Hogan and asked that he meet with the two Unions to discuss working together in a collaborative process to meet the interests of the employees they represent while at the same time meeting the interests of his administration when they are able to, without making it more difficult for the employees to provide excellent services to the public.

Since that time, the Hogan administration has reached out to the two Unions and requested a meeting within the next week or two to work on cost-saving plans that meet the needs of the members and the public. We look forward to the meeting and our Executive Boards are meeting next week to develop options for cost savings that meet everyone's interests.

One item high on the agenda from the Union will be to have the State offer a true early retirement incentive that has the potential to save the State millions while at the same time recruiting highly-skilled employees to take their place.

If any of our members would like to suggest items to be included at the meeting with the Governor's people please e-mail them to Maria Mathias, President MPEC, or Debra  Perry, President AFT Healthcare-MD, Or call our offices at (410) 645-3062.

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