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Members of the Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) met with Scott Jensen, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (DLLR), January 16th for the first of several sessions intended to establish a Labor Management Committee (LMC) in the department.

The LMC is intended to resolve workplace conflicts between employees and management through a cooperative process. As a result of a provision included in the contract negotiated by MPEC, LMCs may be initiated by employees in any state agency.

MPEC representative George Myers and DLLR union stewards Wanda Butler


The Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) and AFT Healthcare-Maryland discovered that several union members who worked during Hurricane Sandy as essential employees were not compensated according to the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations). 

Such workers should have been paid two hours for each hour worked and should have been credited with two days of compensation time for each day worked. Several state departments failed to compensate employees correctly.

MPEC President Maria Mathias and AFT Healthcare-Maryland President Debra Perry


State employees such as healthcare workers in Bargaining Unit E and engineers, scientists, and other professionals in Bargaining Unit G will find a 2% raise in their pay checks beginning January 1, 2013.


MPEC members and all unit G employees,

As president of MPEC, I would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. As state of Maryland employees, we will be able to enjoy a five-day holiday this year which will include this coming Wednesday thanks to a provision in the last contract negotiated by your union which included an additional paid day off before the holiday.

MPEC will continue to work to assure you the best possible benefits and working conditions for your state careers. We value your input and support as we work on your behalf.

Maria Mathias
MPEC President


An open letter to Maryland State Governor Martin O'Malley from AFT-Maryland President, Marietta English.

The letter expresses concern and disappointment with the inability of our political leaders to reach agreement over our state budget. 23 counties and the city of Baltimore will lose over $260 million, with the impact hitting hardest in areas that are most reliant on state revenues and that can least afford the reductions.

Everyday people will be affected in every way.

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