What's an LMC?

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Negotiations are used to resolve many issues that arise during the year; however, it is not the only vehicle we have to address issues that occur between negotiations. One of the most powerful tools that the Union and Management have to solve problems is the Labor Management Committee (LMC) which, by contract, can be established at each department, facility, and agency.

Please refer to MOU Aritcle 33, Labor Managmeent Committees, for a complete explanation of the functioning of the LMC. In a nutshell, it is a committee that uses a collaborative process for problem-solving rather than the traditional adversarial grievnce process.

If you do not have a functioning LMC in your department, facility, or agency and would like to form one, contact the MPEC office at (410) 645-3062 and we will have a staff person meet with you to help form an LMC.

Fall 2014