Workplace Bullying

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Workplace Intimidation & Bullying

MPEC worked with the state of Maryland to craft a workplace bullying policy thatis a significant leap forward for workplace safety and will be a tool for promoting healthy and collegial environments.

We made certain that policy had a clear definition, so that bullying behavior could be recognized. We made certain that the policy had enough teeth, so that there are real consequences for engaging in bullying, and we made certain that the policy protected workers from retaliation, so that they can step forward to make reports with confidence. 

Workplace Intimidation & Bullying Tracking Form

This form should be used to track individual occurrences of workplace bullying.  It should be completed as close in time to the incident as possible.  Witnesses and targets of bullying should complete incident forms when bullying occurs in the workplace.

Use the form in conjunction with the anti-bullying policy. For example, use the definition of bullying to describe incidents in the same terms as the policy.Compile the forms until you can provide a descriptive timeline of incidents and witnesses that will compel an agency to take disciplinary action.