Workplace Intimidation & Bullying

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MPEC worked with the state of Maryland to craft a workplace bullying policy thatis a significant leap forward for workplace safety and will be a tool for promoting healthy and collegial environments.

We made certain that policy had a clear definition, so that bullying behavior could be recognized. We made certain that the policy had enough teeth, so that there are real consequences for engaging in bullying, and we made certain that the policy protected workers from retaliation, so that they can step forward to make reports with confidence. 

As stated in the policy, workplace bullying is defined as:  

"Intentional, persistent, malicious, unwelcome, severe or pervasive conduct that harms, intimidates, offends, degrades or humilitates an employee, whether verbal (including written or electronic) or physical, at the place of work or in the course of employment. Workplace bullying in behavior that a reasonable personal would find to be hostible, offensive, and not related to an employer's legitimate business interests. Examples of workplace bullying include, but are not limited to: 

  • Personal attacks (angry outbursts, excessive profanity, or name-calling)
  • Personal insults and use of offensive nicknames
  • Public humiliation 
  • Encouragement of others to turn against the targeted employee
  • Spreading rumors and gossip about the targeted employee
  • Sabatoge of a coworker's work product or undermining of an employee's work performance
  • Treats of abuse to an individual or an individual's property (defacing or marking up property) 

Find the State of Maryland's full Bullying in the Workplace policy here: maryland_wpb_policy.pdf