Contract Campaign

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The goal of the contract campaign is “To motivate MPEC members to support the bargaining team throughout the campaign to negotiate a contract that creates healthy work environments and a stable workforce”

The contract campaign committee has met weekly on Thursdays since June 6, 2017. The committee is responsible for planning and design of the contract campaign. The initial meeting of the committee focused on internal organizational analysis. The committee looked at our strengths, and weaknesses to determine how best to deploy resources. The committee then set a goal to motivate members into action.

This year we expect to increase member, community, and stakeholder participation through targeted outreach efforts. The contract campaign is designed to leverage the power of our workforce and community at the bargaining table. The campaign will begin on September 5, 2017 and there will be many opportunities to become directly involved. We will need members to be active, participate, communicate, and share.

The strength of our union is the membership and we need to be very strong as we approach the negotiating table. The contract campaign will allow members to create pressure on management by demonstrating a united membership. The success of the campaign correlates to the success of bargaining the more strength we can show in the workplace the more strength we can show at the table.

If you would like to be involved with the planning of the contract campaign, please contact Royale Simms at