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"...War!" this declaration has been made by many government leaders, including our Governor. The impacts of Coronavirus have many parallels to World War II and the Vietnam War. Some include the current economic cycle, the expansion of government and the debate of civil liberties, and the rising death tolls national leaders have compared to war figures.  And last but not least, the equivalent of frontline employees and frontline soldiers who put themselves at risk for the good of others.

While some may debate the use of "war" to describe the current times, the severe effects of the Coronavirus are certain.  Therefore, we all have a responsibility to act in the best interest of Maryland's recovery, especially those in a position of authority and serving as Heads of State Agencies making decisions that affect citizens' lives.

Frontline soldiers are the first line of defense in this war, and the best strategy is to reinforce the frontline. This is done by providing them the resources and support necessary to perform their duties and maintain morale. Morale wins wars!!

Since the pandemic began, our Park Rangers have proudly served the frontlines. Serving record-breaking totals of 21.5 million park visitors, they answered the call when Maryland needed them most. In times like these and surely after meeting substantial demands, respect and recognition from the employer are essential. Instead, management has devalued their service- denying them the federally funded pay differential intended for the frontline essential employees like our rangers.

The psychological impacts of demoralizing our rangers as they brace to meet the demands of expansive park crowds during this pandemic are multidimensional. Demoralizing our rangers will sabotage the success and accessibility of our parks, ultimately sabotaging Maryland's roadmap to recovery.

We call on all MPEC members, family, friends, and community allies to join us in writing Governor Hogan and key legislators to: Click here to send a letter.

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