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MPEC Member Meeting and BBQ Social at DHCD

Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) is strong at the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). To kick off the month of August, the union hosted a Barbeque Social for members to learn more about the union and enjoy delicious BBQ during their lunch break. Given the great member density at the worksite, turnout was very good. During the course of the hour, nearly every person in the bargaining unit stopped by to grab a plate or chat with stewards.

Steward Tiwanda Moore was pleased at how the social went. She said, “today went well, I’m hopeful that the attendees will share with their coworkers what we did and bring more members to the next event.” While members dined on salad, potato salad, bread, chicken, and ribs, they heard from stewards and staff about the benefits membership offers. Benefits such as money for training were discussed and in the event members had to use their own personal or leave time for the training, stewards promised to address issues with management at the next Labor-Management Committee (LMC) meeting.

LMCs are a vital way for the union to address worksite issues during years the contract is in effect. The meetings bring members and management to the table with an opportunity to tackle differences. That’s just one benefit of membership but there are many more.

“We have had topic trainings, such as PEP training right before the mid-year and year-end evaluation. We have also had training on workplace bullying and membership sessions. A lot of employees have the idea that the union is something in name only. That’s what this is about: there’s something to being a member; you get everything from free college, legal services, and discounts to hotels and other establishments and I’ve used nearly all of them,” said steward Lorrie Kirschner.

DCHD has a 61% member density rate among those in the MPEC Bargaining Unit G. The next event at the worksite is scheduled for September.

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