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MPEC MDE Member Meeting

The power of the MPEC is on the rise. One of the strongest worksites of the union is the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). MPEC Vice President Andrea Buie is at the work site and has done a yeoman’s work to increase membership and engagement at the location. At a recent member meeting, she discussed a number of issues and priorities that state workers were facing as well as issues particularly to MDE. Those in attendance were excited to know that the union is looking for volunteers for two committee: legislative and negotiations. These are important to members because the best advocates for the membership in Annapolis is not union staff, but fellow members. The negotiations committee will sit across from the Governor’s team to ensure Maryland’s professional workers get the compensation, benefits, and working conditions that are commensurate with the high quality service they provide.

A key point of discussion during the meeting was the topic of reclassification. Members shared frustrations with not always being treated as the professional experts they are. Their pay isn’t always in line with the nature of work they are being tasked to do largely because they are wrongly classified and the service they provide for Marylanders goes far beyond their job title. VP Buie explained how MPEC had won reclassification for other MDE members by gathering data of pay and work duties as compared to listed responsibilities. Noting the inconsistency, the state agreed to reclassify employees entitling them to the pay of the new classification.

VP Buie also did a strong job of explaining the affiliated relationships of MPEC, notably affiliations with AFT-Maryland and AFT. The meeting was productive and showed members the direction to a healthy work environment that centers the members so they can serve Marylanders with the best possible customer service. “We don’t have to be adversaries. Ideally management and employees working together to provide services for the citizens of Maryland is something management wants as much as we do,” Buie said.



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