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MPEC Lunch and Learn Sessions

Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) hosted two lunch and learns at the Glen Burnie MVA and  the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations. Shop stewards Davene Johnson (Glen Burnie) and Michelle Roberts (DLLR) did a great job turning out members to hear what AFT-Maryland organizer Aaron Ray had to share. In both meetings, he updated members on the contract and the raises that MPEC got for members.

Those in attendance were made aware of the legislative fights and victories of the union on their behalf during the 2019 General Assembly session. In both sessions during the Q&A, the question of workplace issues came up. Ray suggested the development of labor-management committees (LMCs) as outlined in the contract to resolve worksite issues. Each site had differing experiences with the committees. Those at the MVA were eager to learn about them as a way to address workplace questions. DLLR shop steward Roberts had experience with them but needed support from her members to make the LMCs work. LMCs can address a range of issues covered in the contract including bullying and evaluations, just to name a few.

At each location, Ray called on members to reach out to fellow coworkers to be more active in the union and become members if they are not already. He also tasked those in attendance to consider joining leadership teams that will get the pulse of the worksite. This will allow future LMCs to have documented evidence of improvements needed so MPEC members can have an optimal work environment.


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