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MPEC Info Table at DLLR

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and MPEC was in the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations (DLLR) spreading union love. Organizer Aaron Ray tabled at the facility during lunchtime. He engaged workers on a number of issues, but one that drew the most interest was reclassification and back-pay associated with it. There are a number of state employees at that agency who have recently been or will soon be reclassified and become a part of the MPEC bargaining unit. For some, this will come with pay increases. Those potentially affected were curious and spoke with the organizer about what this means for their pay and benefits.

One member was eager to see the union at their job. The member shared how they grew up in a union household and had always joined unions wherever they worked. This member struck up a lengthy conversation with the organizer and ultimately showed interest in serving as a steward and a committed union activist. 

Another great feeling for the union was one member who learned more about the 2020 raises MPEC fought for and negotiated. In addition to learning about their raises, the member also learned about a number of benefits MPEC members receive as AFT members. This includes  discounts on traveling, help with student loans, and unique supplemental insurance plans.


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