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Our concerted efforts to stop the draconian cuts were successful! The Board of Public Works voted 2:1 to delay $205 million in cuts to state employees.
Over the past week, we have trended in media outlets such as the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, US News, Union Times, MSN, Maryland Reporter, and others. Together we took a stand against the Hogan Administration’s budget plan that did not allow the proper due diligence and collaboration from our bargaining unit. As employees that keep the state moving, we know the challenges of this pandemic—the the threats to the safety and well-being this virus poses to citizens and employees and the damage it has caused to the state’s economy.


For twenty years, we have utilized collective bargaining to ensure our concerns and ideas are part of the decision-making process. In the past, MPEC has worked successfully with this administration to confront the economic realities, and this time should not have been any different.  


Before the July 1st BPW decision, there was an enormous effort to stop this administration’s unilateral plan to cut the budget. Here Are the Highlights Of Our Successful Efforts To Counter The Administration’s Actions:


  • Members engaged and participated in emailing and calling members of BPW and caravanned in front of the Comptroller"s Office in Annapolis. 
  • We gained support from Comptroller Franchot who aligned with our views of premature cuts and poor handling of the negotiation process by the Hogan Administration.  Mr. Franchot announced his position against the budget plan in an article with the Baltimore Sun (click)
  • We received public support from Congressman Anthony Brown, who wrote to members of BPW on our behalf, urging them to oppose reductions to employee salary and benefits. (download letter)
  • Senator Guy Guzzone announced his concern for the state employee portion of the budget plan in Maryland Matters -click



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