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Governor Hogan has ordered movement to an Elevated Level 2 status for all Executive Branch agencies, this means:

  • All non-emergency essential personnel who can perform their duties from home must do so in order to help contain the spread of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Employees who telework shall be compensated for their work at their regular rate of pay.
  • All teleworkers must sign the Interim Pandemic-Associated Teleworking Agreement.
  • During this period of mandatory telework for non-emergency essential personnel, State operations are NOT shutting down, but public access to State offices and buildings is being restricted.  Agency heads shall determine the method and means for permitting public access to agency operations if it is possible to do so without promoting the spread of illness.
  • Emergency essential employees are required to report to work unless on sick leave or other form of approved leave.  Applicable premium pay rates will be in effect for employees who are required to report to work while the State is in the Elevated Level 2 status.
  • Non-emergency essential personnel who cannot perform their duties from home also must report to work unless they are on approved leave.  Applicable premium pay rates will be in effect for non-emergency essential employees who cannot telework and are required to report to work while the State is operating at an Elevated Level 2 status.
  • Sick leave documentation requirements and normal telework requirements are being relaxed pursuant to the Pandemic Flu and Other Infectious Diseases Attendance and Leave Policy because we are in an Elevated Level 2 status.

Due to the nature of our current health environment, MPEC insists on the cooperation of all agencies/departments/units for the common good of all state employees and overall public health. We recognize the individual characteristics of state agencies and its management and remind you of the priority for employee health and safety which is #1 above all else. We appreciate the need for business, as usual, however, the current environment is highly unusual, and all parties should respect the unknowns of COVID-19 and avoid unnecessary risks to all employees.

No employee should be required to enter buildings where there is poor ventilation, inadequate cleaning frequency of carpets/floors, and minimal to zero sanitizing supplies. We are calling on Governor Hogan and legislators to create oversight where building conditions are concerned, as sick buildings existed before COVID-19 due to years of improper maintenance which makes them hazardous now.

With all said, we advise members to email us at if:

  • You are a non-essential employee and have been denied teleworking arrangements.
  • You are required to work in a facility that has poor ventilation, sanitizing supplies are not available, or environmental conditions inadequate.

Interim Pandemic-Associated Teleworking Agreement


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