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Collective power: As a dues-paying member of MPEC, you help build collective power for you and your colleagues across the state. In every fight for better pay, safe work environments, and respect in the workplace, we have more leverage when we have more members. When we have collective power, we can win new raises, protect our rights and benefits, and provide better services to our communities.

Defend your rights on the job: Stewards and active members who know their contract are the best way to defend and enforce our rights in the workplace. Become a dues-paying member to gain dignity and respect and stand against contract violations. 

Influence on Maryland and workplace policy: Only as a full union member can you vote or run for local union elected office, join or create your worksite Labor Management Committee (LMC), or assist in introducing favorable public employee legislation in Annapolis.    

Member benefits: As a dues-paying member, you receive no-cost benefits such as; professional liability & life insurance and a tuition-free online college program available to you and your family members. You also gain access to AFT Plus member-only benefits. This includes student loan assistance, mortgage and home services, and discounts on a wide variety of services and products like car rentals, healthy dinners, and Dell computers.


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