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SB 946 Prescription Drug Plan

The state’s plan to cut off our prescription benefit after age 65 will significantly diminish our retirement savings and the retirement life we have planned. SB946 passed the General Assembly in April and became law May 25, 2019. There are many questions surrounding SB946 and its implementation yet answers are not available. Click here to read the legislative history and other relevant information about the prescription drug plan.

On Tuesday, October 29th, MPEC members traveled to Annapolis for the Joint Committee on Pensions hearing with Dept. of Budget & Management hoping to gain clarity on the implementation of SB946. Sadly, many walked away frustrated, perplexed and without answers. However, there were two things made clear that must be address 1. DBM has too much discretion in the implementation of this bill 2. The statement given by DBM representatives regarding the effects of the Dec. 31st deadline was intentionally misleading. Click here to read more about the October 29th hearing.

With all the calamity surrounding the prescription drug plan it is IMPOSSIBLE to make an informed life decision without adequate information and uncertainties. State employees should not be forced to decide on retiring before December 31st when:

a) drug coverage may or may not take effect in 2021

b) current legislation will possibly be amended further

c) litigation on SB 946 may continue for years

Let's stand together in solidarity to stop the December 31st deadline click here to SIGN THE PETITION

Click here to view/download SB946

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