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2023 Legislative Wrap Up

Each year, MPEC sets its legislative agenda through the work of dedicated stewards and active members. This agenda aims to support, oppose, or amend new bills and, when necessary, introduce new legislation to protect and improve the interests of Unit G employees. The 2023 legislative session ended with favorable wins for MPEC members.

*Our legislative efforts are supported by our state affiliate, AFT-Maryland


Maryland has become the first state in the nation to allow a tax deduction for union dues. This development took place during the 2023 Maryland General Assembly legislative session, where AFT-Maryland prioritized the union dues tax deduction among several other bills due to its direct impact on their members. 

Three years ago, AFT-Maryland presented this bill to Del. Jazz Lewis and Sen. Guy Guzzone in response to the removal of the tax deduction for union members at the federal level. In 2022, the bill passed both houses in the state legislature but was vetoed by then-Governor Larry Hogan. However, this year, Governor Moore signed HB 2 into law, which will apply to members' 2023 taxes.

HB 309/SB 574 State Employee Rights and Protections - Personnel Actions and Harassment Complaints

Provides an important change to the complaint filing process. The time limit for filing a complaint is extended from 30 days to one year, giving individuals more time to take action. Additionally, provisions are included that allow harassment complaints to be filed within a two-year timeframe.

SB 79/HB 184 State Personnel – Education and Transportation – Grievance Procedures

Provides Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) employees with the same grievance policies and procedures as other State employees. It also allows employees or their unions to file a grievance.

HB 395/SB 223 State Government - State Facilities Changes and Closures - Procedures

Requires the state to give notice, hold public hearings, and establish reporting requirements when targeting a facility for closure. It aims to provide a level of protection for state workers.

SB 828/HB 988 Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program - Modifications

The program provides wage replacement benefits to eligible workers who utilize the federal FMLA. It covers up to 12 weeks of paid leave per year and does not require employees to exhaust their paid sick, personal, or vacation time before utilizing the benefits. Through collaborative efforts with other unions, AFT-Maryland successfully fought to prevent the burden of the majority of the cost from falling on the workers. Initially, employers proposed that employees pay 70% of the cost. However, thanks to the efforts of the union, the maximum cost was limited to 50%. It is important to note that the employer may still have the option to cover the full 100% of the cost, and unions will continue to negotiate the employer's responsibility in terms of cost-sharing. This bill went into effect on June 1, 2023.

HB 984/SB 367 The Public Employee Relations Act

This bill consolidates Maryland’s three labor boards into the single Public Employee Labor Relations Board. The purpose of this bill is to streamline Maryland's labor laws by consolidating them into one comprehensive and up-to-date framework. This will provide quicker dispute resolution and make it easier for employees to form a union.

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