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Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is a major issue across state owned and leased buildings.  There is currently no standard for indoor air quality in state buildings -- therefore, we are unable to hold the state accountable for the issues MPEC members are suffering due to poor indoor air quality in their buildings. 

The indoor air quality legislation (HB1290) that MPEC introduced did not make it out of committee.  Based on the fiscal note, the state determined that testing of state owned and leased buildings would be too expensive.

MPEC members took a survey this past winter and 85% of people who responded said that they currently have any illnesses, symptoms or discomfort that they attribute to conditions in their office or building.

MPEC has members at hundreds of work sites across Maryland, and we need as many people as possible to get involved.  Documentation of these issues will be essential. 

MPEC has formed a committee to address indoor air quality issues in state owed and leases buildings. This committee will be formulating a plan on how to get an IAQ standard passed. This is the first step to work towards addressing this issue. Click here to join the MPEC IAQ committee or to form an IAQ committee at your worksite. 

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