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A Cost-Effective Solution To Budget and Health Concerns

With budget concerns looming, placing state employees on the chopping block to mitigate budget shortfalls, would seem like a logical solution for some decision-makers that are less than forward-thinking.

But here in Maryland- known for its innovation, education, and wealth- and in current news, a Governor pronounced as one of the most astute in our nation.  Any decision to lay off or furlough state employees is not the solution. (Frankly, there's no place to cut given we operate under-staffed as it is.)    

The answer to our budget concerns lies in the change of how we conduct business moving forward. While in the midst of one of the most teachable moments in history, it is wise to acknowledge our weaknesses and see opportunities to make us better. In doing so, it is inherently evident we can no longer delay implementing a 21st-century workplace infrastructure. 

This will allow state employees to deliver better products and services to Maryland citizens at a lower cost, in addition to bringing cost effective solutions to many ails. Gov.Hogan and the Legislative COVID-19 work-group are consulting with experts on the recovery plan. Join us in urging a review of 21st-century workplace infrastructure, a cost-effective solution to budget and health concerns.  


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