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In yesterday’s Budget Shortfall Town Hall discussion, 265 participants joined the call. We announced a call to action for members to a) contact the Board of Public Works b) RSVP for the rally/caravan on June 30th, and c) send a letter to Senators for the HEROES ACT.

Since then, we have received new developments that has altered the planned response we presented on yesterday’s call to the state’s proposal. We will send an update on the recent developments later this evening.

For your review, here are the options the Department of Budget and Management has presented

FY 21 Budget Balancing Proposals

  1. Beginning on 7/1/20 reduce the number of State employee filled and vacant PINs.
  2. Eliminate salary increases planned for FY 21, specifically cost of living adjustments and annual salary review increases.
  3. Beginning on 7/1/20, all salary schedules will be reduced by 5%.
  4. Beginning on 7/1/20, paid leave will no longer be treated as work time for the purpose of triggering overtime compensation.
  5. Beginning on 1/1/21, the State will no longer pay more than the negotiated health benefits premium percentages. The State will revert to contributing 80% of the premium charge for PPO plans, 85% of premium for the EPO plan, 85% of premium for the IHM plan, 80% for the prescription drug plan and 50% for the dental plan as agreed upon in the MOUs.

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