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2021-2023 Negotiations Announcement

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced change upon us. Despite the negatives, this crisis brings the opportunity to change poor building environmental conditions, improve telework policies, and bring awareness of the value we bring to Maryland. Thanks to collective bargaining, we have a voice in shaping the new norm to ensure the best possible working conditions for Unit G employees.

Over the past two years, we have taken a pragmatic approach to improve workplace conditions. We made strategic efforts to address critical issues affecting members across the state. As part of the process, we worked to resolve those issues at the necessary levels and exercise our contract. Our diligent efforts have brought us to the next stage in the process, changing or adding specific policies in our contract to make our work life better.

The stakes are high! Your membership and engagement are necessary for OUR SUCCESS!

We are calling on all members to:

  1. TAKE A BRIEF SURVEY- We need to know more about your experience with key issues and contract priorities
  2. RSVP FOR CARAVAN/RALLYA strong show of solidarity will provide the visibility and momentum we need to kick off the 2021-2023 contract negotiations. Wed., Oct.28th 4pm-6pm, 300 W. Preston St. Baltimore,MD
  3. BECOME A DUES PAYING MEMBER For more information on what membership means click here

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