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Who is MPEC?


MPEC (pronounced "M"-peck) speaks for all 5,000 Bargaining Unit G employees in all employment matters.

When collective bargaining became law in 1997, state employees were divided into different bargaining groups. Unit G is the group of  professional job classifications which includes scientists, engineers, planners, information technology professionals, fiscal personnel and administrators as well as many other professional classifications in state employment. MPEC is your union. MPEC fights for you. No other union or association may legally represent these employees in negotiations with the State over your wages, benefits and working conditions.

Who may belong to MPEC? Anyone may belong to any organization for representation, but employees in Unit G are exclusively represented in collective bargaining with the employer (State of Maryland) for wages, benefits and working conditions.  MPEC has negotiated contract agreements with the state, resulting in over 35% in wage increases, as well as annual increments and matching 401a deferred compensation money. MPEC has won numerous employee rights which are listed in our contract or Memorandum of Understanding/MOU.


Why is it important that I join MPEC? Besides being the only union which may negotiate for you with the State for your wages, benefits and working conditions and rights, MPEC can also provide advice and representation if problems arise which may result in a grievance with management. Stewards and building representatives can also mediate in disputes before a grievance becomes necessary. By joining with all our coworkers we build our union's strength and we have more power to bargain with the State.  


Benefits also include a million dollar occupational liability plan for on the job liability should the State not cover you for a job related legal action. A death and dismemberment policy is also included free with membership. Dental, life and other insurances are available at group rates, some through our million member national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers and Public Employees or AFT for short.


Your union is your voice on workplace matters that are important to you. The union is you, a collective group of professional state employees working together to better their working lives. MPEC’s officers and  and executive board are full-time state employees volunteering their time to help their brothers and sisters in protecting the benefits we have and making changes for the better.


If you are in Unit G and haven't yet signed up to be a member of MPEC you owe it to yourself and your family to support the only organization who is fighting to protect your pay, your benefits and your rights.The union is only as strong as its members.  When we band togeter in these challenging times we have a better chance at acheiving our goals. Knowledge is power and solidarity is security and strength. Join your union today!

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