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We are excited to announce a tentative agreement has been reached with the state.

The MPEC bargaining team worked tirelessly to negotiate for better salaries and policies that would improve working conditions.


Here are some highlights of the new agreement:

Job Classification and Job Description

Many employees have faced stagnation in their career and salary growth as a result of outdated job descriptions and unaddressed job study requests. The bargaining team has successfully negotiated a contract that allows members to take their concerns directly to the Department of Budget and Management if the agency fails to address them. This is a significant win because it holds agencies accountable for addressing such matters. In some cases, it will also help to identify poor personnel practices within the agency.

When seeking salary reviews and reclassifications, the improvements to Article 14. Job Classification and Article 15. Job Description are key components.

Pay Equity Adjustment

We began 2023 with a flawed pay equity policy intended to improve salaries based on market demands and address pay discrepancies between newer and older employees. However, the policy's restrictive language prevented many employees from benefiting. As a result of recent negotiations, the new pay equity policy expands its use to the department and region.

Pay Equity and Salary Competitiveness LMC

To further address issues with the current pay plan more effectively, a special committee was established. This committee has been tasked with closely examining and finding solutions to problems related to pay equity, compression, and stagnation.


Employees in Unit G will receive a pay increase of 5% or more.

  • 3% cola beginning July 2024

  • One step beginning July 2024 or January 2025 based on EOD

  • One additional step beginning January 2025, if continuously employed on or before June 30, 2019

Improved leave with pay benefits

  • Military Leave- 30 days

  • Disaster Leave - 30 days

  • Vaccination Leave- 2 hours

  • Covid Leave -40 hours


Thanks to the efforts of our active members and stewards, we have made significant improvements to our work-life. Please stay tuned for more information, including the next steps and instructions on how to ratify this agreement.

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