MPEC Member Meeting at State Center

Members made their voices heard regarding the work environment at the Maryland Department of Health. The facility has a wide range of environmental challenges that affect members, but the most recent one to cause a stir was a bedbug outbreak. The state told the union that it has treated the facility for bedbugs, but members want a full, one-time fumigation of the building.

MPEC Health and Safety Meeting

Members are concerned with the recent work environment challenges at the Maryland Department of Health. Bedbugs were reported to be in the building and members are worried about the many health challenges that presents. In response, MPEC held a union meeting to update members on what we have heard from the state as well as to hear from members what they are experiencing.

MPEC Member Meeting and BBQ Social at DHCD

Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) is strong at the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). To kick off the month of August, the union hosted a Barbeque Social for members to learn more about the union and enjoy delicious BBQ during their lunch break. Given the great member density at the worksite, turnout was very good.

MPEC MDE Member Meeting

The power of the MPEC is on the rise. One of the strongest worksites of the union is the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). MPEC Vice President Andrea Buie is at the work site and has done a yeoman’s work to increase membership and engagement at the location.

MPEC Lunch and Learn Sessions

Maryland Professional Employees Council (MPEC) hosted two lunch and learns at the Glen Burnie MVA and  the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations. Shop stewards Davene Johnson (Glen Burnie) and Michelle Roberts (DLLR) did a great job turning out members to hear what AFT-Maryland organizer Aaron Ray had to share.