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In yesterday’s Budget Shortfall Town Hall discussion, 265 participants joined the call. We announced a call to action for members to a) contact the Board of Public Works b) RSVP for the rally/caravan on June 30th, and c) send a letter to Senators for the HEROES ACT.

Since then, we have received new developments that has altered the planned response we presented on yesterday’s call to the state’s proposal. 

Without federal assistance there will be layoffs and massive cuts in critical services! The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions - HEROES Act, H.R. 6800 would bring aid to Maryland that would support our state agencies and save state jobs. 

Key Funding Components of the HEROES Act 

$500 billion for state aid and $350 billion for local aid

The state budget is funded through the end of the year. At the year’s end, the state will seek to curtail spending. We need federal dollars to fund state and local services. Maryland would receive $9.6 billion in direct aid to states and $5.6


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Maryland Park Rangers are on the frontline serving Marylanders during the COVID-19 pandemic in a unique way.  Parks are a holistic approach to the mental and physical challenges we face. Since state parks are essential in contributing to the overall health and well-being of Maryland citizens, there is a substantial impact on Maryland Park Services (MPS).  As attendance continues to skyrocket, budget cuts in the department have left them with less contractual help to deal with the crowds. This has led to increased park closures, greater vigilance to manage traffic control, and response to emergencies in the park. Of greater importance and concern is the increased exposure Rangers have to the thousands of daily visitors to state parks.